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猪苗代湖と磐梯山 Inawashiro-ko-to-Bandai-san Lake Inawashiro and Mt. Bandai

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Mt. Bandai, or sometimes called “Aizu Fiji” or “Aizu Bandai-san,” is an active volcano (composite volcano) stretching over Inawashiro-cho, Bandai-cho, and Kita-Shiobara-cho in Fukushima Pref. This mountain, which is 1819 m above sea level, rises up to the north of Lake Inawashiro. The mountain-foot in the south is called “Omote (front)-Bandai” and the northern foot is called “Ura (back)-Bandai.” Seen from Omote-Bandai, the mountain has an ordinary appearance, but it shows the rough vestige of a massive landslide on the backside. Inawashiro Basin was formed in the middle of the Pleistocene epoch about 200,000 years ago, and the massive landslide occurred about 1200 years ago, by which the Nippashi River at the foot was dammed by avalanche of rocks and earth and Lake Inawashiro was formed. Lake Inawashiro, or otherwise known as “Tenkyo-ko (literally meaning a lake like a mirror of the heaven),” covers a part of Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Koriyama City, Inawashiro-cho, and Bandai-cho. The area covering Ura-Bandai and Inawashiro / Bandai Highland with Mt. Bandai in as center is a place where you can enjoy bountiful nature.
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観音寺川 Kannonji-gawa Kannonji River Cherry Trees

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In spring, visitors are able to enjoy walking through a pink corridor formed by a total of 165 cherry blossom trees blooming on both banks of the Kannonji River.

Most of the trees are 40 to 90 years old while some exceed this. The contrast between the snowy Bandai Mountains is beautiful, and the Inawashiro cherry trees blossom later than usual for cherry blossom trees.

The blossom petal blizzards of May are splendid, and one may feel the presence of spring after walking through the corridor of blossoms while viewing the grand landscape of the Bandai Mountains and Lake Inawashiro.

A highly recommended spot for viewing the cherry blossom is from Yanagibashi Bridge near Ooyamazumi Shrine. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the blossoms of a 130 year old weeping cherry tree with a trunk circumference of 2.8m at Kannonji Temple. A Cherry Blossom Festival is also held during mid- through late April.
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