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扇山火まつり Ougiyama-himatsuri Ogiyama Fire Festival

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The Ogiyama Fire Festival is one of the 'Eight Beppu Hot-spring Festivals' held in early April in Beppu, Oita Prefecture.

During the festival, local citizens set alight the dried grass on Mt Ogiyama (792m high), until the mountainside is a blaze of flames. The glow of the burning fires light up the mountain in the night sky.

The festival started in 1976, following a proposal for a nighttime fire event as part of the hot-spring festivals. The city's fire department is enlisted to provide relevant safety precautions by setting aside fire-free areas.

The fire festival is the main event of the Eight Beppu Hot-spring Festivals, and its strength and beauty draws tourists from all over the nation.
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暘谷城址 Youkoku-joushi The Remains of Yokoku Castle

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Yokoku Castle was built in 1602 by the first leader of the Hiji Clan, Kinoshita Nobutoshi, with the assistance of Hosokawa Tadaoki.

The castle was originally called Hiji Castle, Aoyagi Castle or Ukitsu Castle. The third clan leader, Kinoshita Toshinaga, took an excerpt from an old Chinese book called 'Enanji', which stated that: 'The sun rises from Yokoku and shines on Kanchi', and changed the name to Yokoku Castle.

Today, the castle site is used as the Hiji Elementary School, but certain parts of the castle, such as the Kimon tower and the back gate, are being reconstructed.

A park has been established around the castle base, and is a popular spot to take in and appreciate the entire view of Beppu Bay. The seashore at the foot of the castle ruins is called Shiro-shita-karei, and is famous for deriving its name from the Shiro-shita seashore. There is also a spring, which is one source of fresh water for this region.
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