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庄内藩校 致道館 Syounai-Hanko Chidokan The Chidoukan Shyounai Clan School

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The Chidoukan Shyounai Clan School is located in Baba-cho, Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture. It was founded in 1805 by the Sakai Family 9th generation Clan Lord Tadanori for the purpose of completely reforming the way of thinking of samurai, and promoting education.

The principal philosophy of this school was: 'Do not be caught up by superficial matters, but make an effort to rediscover common ground between people and causes.' As a method of reforming the samurai way of thinking, mathematics were employed, and the efforts of rediscovering common ground between people and causes were actually practiced in politics.

At that time, the government had been promoting Neo-Confucianism for the purpose of control, but the elders of the Shyounai Clan gathered opinions of those in the school and adopted Sorai-Confucianism.

The school was no different from others in its views of considering both academic subjects and martial arts as important, but the Chidoukan was revolutionary, being the only school in the whole country to adopt Sorai-Confucianism.

Famous alumni include Genrou Mizuno and Kanmou Kagayama.
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尾浦城 Oura-jyo Orajo Castle

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Ora Castle is at an edge of a mountain ridge that stretches from the east of Mt Takadate.
In the 1st year of the Tenbun period (1532), the Muto clan moved from Daihoji Castle to Ora and built this castle here.
Muto Yoshiuji suppressed the Shonai district using the power of Uesugi Kenshin, but he killed himself during Tozenji Yoshinaga's uprising. After that, the Muto, Uesugi and Tozenji clans fought for the castle, the ownership of which changed repeatedly.
In the 5th year of the Keicho period (1600), Shonai became the territory of Mogami Yoshimitsu and Ora Castle was rebuilt, being renamed Oyama Castle. In the 8th year of the Genna period (1622), the Mogami clan was banished and the castle destroyed.
Now, all that remains are some remains of the castle, which may be seen today at Oyama Park in front of Tsuruoka West High School.
Ora Castle is a symbol of warring between states in the Japan's civil war period.
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