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裏磐梯 Ura-bandai The Ura-Bandai Mountain

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The current Ura-Bandai Mountain was formed after the eruption of Aizu-Bandai Mountain in 1888.

Around the mountain, rare plants and animals inhabit the area encircling Lake Hibara, Lake Onogawa, Lake Sohara and Lake Akimoto. The Ura-Bandai Visitor Center offers much advice on trekking, climbing, and nature observation, as well as many exhibits about the area, which allows for visitors to understand and appreciate the natural beauty of Bandai Asahi National Park.

Every season is expressed beautifully, and almost always stuns visitors with spectacular views. The Ura-Bandai Mountain never fails to mesmerize visitors.

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Kita-shiohara-mura, Yama-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, 966-0400
The Ura-Bandai Mountain

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