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おんぞ祭 Onzo-matsuri Onzo Festival

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Onzo Festival is held at Irago Shrine at the tip of Atsumi Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture on the 3rd Sunday of April every year. It is said that the festival originates in the ceremony to dedicate hemp and silk cloth produced in Mikawa province (present eastern half of Aichi Prefecture) to Onzo-ryo (the Holy Clothes Division) of Ise Jingu Shrine in the ancient times.

Until 1967, the festival had been held on April 14 in the old calendar, when the Kanmiso-sai (the ritual for weaving holy cloth) is performed at Ise Jingu Shrine.

On the festival day, the Shinto ritual is performed in the morning, while the front approach is bustled with street vendors selling food or plants and visitors from inside and outside the prefecture. Traditionally, local women don’t touch needles and scissors on this day.

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Irako-cho, Tahara, Aichi Prefecture 441-3624
Irako Shrine

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