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往馬大社 Ikoma-taisha Ikoma Taisha Shrine

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Ikoma Taisha Shrine is located in Ikoma district, Nara Prefecture. The official name of the shrine is Ikoma niimasu ikomatsuhiko jinja.

The shrine consists of seven 'kasuga-hiwadabuki'-styled Shinto shrines built in a row along a stone platform.

From ancient times, Mt Ikoma was treated as the god of fire in the Shinto shrine. Since then, the shrine has bestowed a fire-making tool called 'hikirigi' to each succeeding emperor. For example, it was bestowed on the Showa emperor during the Onie no Matsuri (a festival to celebrate the succession of an emperor). Similarly, in 1990 in the Saiden-tentei no gi (a ritual within the Onie no Matsuri) of the Heisei emperor, the hikirigi of Ikoma Taisha Shrine was used.

In the fire festival held annually in autumn, men holding torches race to and run up the shrine's stone steps.

The hikirigi of Ikoma Taisha Shrine is Ikoma's primary asset and has been designated as an intangible cultural asset.

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1527-1 Ichibu-cho, Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, 630-0222
Ikoma Taisha Shrine

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