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黒部峡谷 Kurobe-kyokoku Kurobe Gorge

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Kurobe Gorge is located between the Tateyama mountains and the Ushiro Tateyama mountains (Mt Hakuba, Mt Kashima-Yariga) in the Japan North Alps. The scale, depth and power of the gorge make it the premier valley in Japan both in name and reality. It has been designated as a Special Natural National Monument and a Special Beauty Spot, and is included in the Joshinetsu Plateau National Park.

Along the valley, there are many places to visit such as Kurobe 'eternal snow', Dashiroppo Peak, Couple Rock and Kurobe Lake formed by Kurobe Dam. The Kurobe Gorge Railway, or Torokko Electric Railway, runs for about 20km from Unazuki to Keyakidaira, and is very popular with tourists. The railcars have open windows, so you can directly enjoy the wonderful natural scenery. The views are especially dynamic in spring, with the fresh green foliage, or in fall, with the red leaves.
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