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吾川のひょうたん桜 Agawanohyoutansakura Hyotan-zakura in Agawa

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Hyotan-zakura is a spindly weeping cherry tree standing on the mountainside in Agawa in Kochi Prefecture. This 500-year-old spindly tree is 8 m in root coverage and 25 m in height. As it has the blossom buds looking like gourds, it is called Hyotan-zakura (Gourd Cherry). Visitors come to enjoy viewing this wonderful cherry tree day and night, for the tree is lit up at night in its blooming season. It is also very interesting to see the cute gourd-shaped buds before they come into bloom. It will look as if hundreds of small gourds hanging from the branches of this tall and imposing tree. It was designated as a prefecture’s natural monument in January, 1953.

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Niyodogawa-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi Prefecture, Japan
Hyotan-zakura in Agawa

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