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夕日の滝 Yuuhinotaki Yuhi-no-taki Waterfall

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Yuhi-no-taki Waterfall is located in Yagurasawa at the northern foot of Mt. Kintoki and near Jizo-do in Minami-Ashigara City, Kanagawa Pref. This 23-meter-high, 5-meter-wide straight waterfall is on the Uchi River on the upper reaches of the Sakawa River. There are some stories about the origin of its name “Yuhi-no-taki (Sunset Waterfall)”. One story is that it is named so because the Sun goes down from the center of the fall on January 15th every year. Another is that the waterfall looks most beautiful at the sunset. It is said to have been the place where the legendary Kintaro took his first bath as a new-born baby. He later made a pledge to serve as a retainer for Minamoto no Yorimitsu in front of this waterfall and changed his name to Sakata no Kinntoki. Along the way from the nearest busstop to the waterfall, there are a lot of sightseeing spots concerning Kintaro legend such as the remains of Kintaro’s birth place or the huge rocks onto which Kintaro climbed as a boy. The downstream of the waterfall is clear and suitable for camping, bathing, and barbeque in summer. The surroundings are beautiful with the crimson foliage in autumn. Visitors can enjoy natural beauty in each season of the year as well as the historical fantasy of Kintaro legend.

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2664 Yagurazawa, Minamiashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0136
Minamiashigara City Hall, Department of Industry and Tourism

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