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志苔館 Shinori-date Shinori Date Manor House

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Shinori Date is the remains of a manor house constructed by a local ruling family from the mainland of Japan. The 'History of Shinra' records that the house was destroyed during the Koshamine uprising in 1456 and the Ainu uprising in 1512.

Although it is unclear, the manor house was probably originally established in the late-14th century. Also on this site, ancient cultural assets and Suzu pottery from Echizen have been found.

The manor house is situated on a square piece of land 70-80m wide and 50-65m long, with a total area of about 4,100m2. It is designated as a national ruin and a scenic spot of Hakodate district and the Tsugaru Strait. The scenery is magnificent.
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漁民義人塚 Gyomin-gijinzuka Fishermen's Memorial

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Fishermen's Memorial (Gyomin Gijinzuka), located in the town of Minato, Imizu, Toyama prefecture, is dedicated to the memory of two Hojozu fishermen, Saganoya Kuemon and Arashiya Shirobe, who died for a just cause.

The history of this memorial dates back to the Edo period when unscrupulous merchants dominated the fishing business for their own profit. Kuemon and Shirobe with 400 fishermen complained to the government. Later these two were executed as so-called ringleaders of this 'Bandori Revolt'. Their revolt did lead, however, to an improvement in the treatment of fishermen and this memorial was built to commemorate the two 'Sons of Righteousness who reformed the society'.

The memorial has been designated as one of 100 Historical Cultural Assets of Fishing Villages that Should Be Protected for the Future, by the Fisheries Agency in 2006.
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