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観心寺 Kanshin-ji Kanshin Temple

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Kanshin Temple belongs to Koyasan Shingon Buddhism, and is located in Kawauchi-Nagano, Osaka. It is situated on a hill known as Hinozan. The temple is counted as the 25th of the Kansai Hanano Dera and Shinsaigoku Sanju Sankasho Kannon Reijo.

Enno-ozuno established Kanshin Temple in 701. Back then it was called Unshin Temple. In 815, Kukai inherited it and gave it its present name. In 827, it was passed on to Kukai's disciple, Jitsue, who constructed the Sangharama.

It is known that the temple's principle image was created by Kukai, and is designated as an important cultural asset.

Kanshin Temple is associated with Nan-cho and, in 1359, it became a temporary residence of the Gomurakami Emperor. Also, it is a family temple of the Kushinoki clan. Furthermore, the classroom, statue, and 'kubizuka' prove that Kusunoki Masashige also stayed in this temple.

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475 Teramoto, Kawachi-Nagano, Osaka, 586-0053
Kanshin Temple

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