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能面 小喝食 Noumen Kokasshiki Noh Mask Ko-kasshiki

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The Ko-kasshiki mask is one of the masks portraying a youth. Ko-kasshiki represents a young trainee monk of age 12 to 17, who has not yet taken the tonsure. In Zen Buddhism, a monk in charge of announcing the meal time and menu is called “Kasshiki,” and the one who is very young is called “Kokasshiki.” The Ko-kasshiki mask has the gentle countenance with relatively small falling front locks and dimples. It is characterized by the youthfully bright look. This mask is often used in the fantasy Noh repertoire. In the play “Kagetsu,” it is used for the boy Kagetsu, who is a trainee monk and is anticipating the reunion with his father. In “Jinenkoji,” it represents a young trainee monk, who preaches to people. And in “Tougankoji,” a monk, who travels around the country on horseback and preaches to the people by dancing Nenbutsu-odori dance.

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Noh Mask Ko-kasshiki

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