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善徳寺 Zentokuji Zentokuji Temple

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Zentokuji temple, also called Johana's Branch of Honganji, is situated in Nishigami district, Toyama prefecture. It is also a branch temple of Shinshû Ôtaniha.

Since its foundation, Zentokuji temple has prospered alongside the town. It has also become the heart of the town. The area is deeply related to the Shinshû and is known as the representative state of the Kaga Ikkō-ikki.

The temple was established in 1471. Rennyo, the 8th priest of Honganji, founded it, and it was transferred to Johana in 1559. It is believed that Gyōki created the statue of Amitabha in the main hall.

In the Edo period, it was put under the control of the Kaga Maeda Clan and later flourished. Within the precinct, there are rows of dragon-sculpted gates and a bell tower, which exude a deep sense of history.

In the annual Airing of Temple Treasures (July 22-28), treasures associated with the Rennyo and the Maeda clan are exhibited.
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