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千光寺 Senkou-ji Senkoji Temple

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Senkoji Temple is located on Mt Narukawa in the town of Heguri, Koma district, Nara Prefecture. It is a temple of the Daigo sect of Shingon Buddhism.

The temple's full name is Motoyama-kami Senkoji Temple. It is also known as the temple where Enno-Gyoja (a shaman who founded the Shugendō and who lived between the Asuka and Nara periods) stayed to train before going to Sanjyo-Gadake, until he was 42 years old.

Another name for the temple is Motoyama-kami and it is still a place for Shugendō training. A further name is Nyonin-Kamiyama, which refers to the story in which Enno-Gyoja’s mother came to visit him.

Senkoji Temple was built to enshrine an image of Sahasrabhuja-arya-avalokiteśvara. Senko means 'thousand lights' because the bodhisattva is famously reputed to emit 1000 lights. In the Jizo Hall, there is a guardian deity of children, which has a bamboo hat on. There is a saying that by worshiping this deity, any sickness can be cured.
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