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奥山峰石(人間国宝) Okuyama Houseki Hoseki Okuyama (Living National Treasure)

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Hoseki Okuyama was born in 1935, in Shinjyo, Yamagata Prefecture.

Hoseki's family was famous for the craft of 'tankin'. In 1995, he was designated as a Living National Treasure for his tankin skills. Tankin is a metalcraft technique that involves hammering heated metal and molding it over a plate called an 'ate-kin'.

Hoseki has lived his life fully. He came to Tokyo when he was only 15 and became apprenticed to Soho Kasahara, a silver craftsman. Later, when he was 27, Hoseki became independent and established his own studio. In the years that followed, he was a working craftsman.

During the oil-shock of 1975, he received fewer orders, yet he chose to concentrate even more on his work. Over time, his skills were recognised and in 1984 he finally won a prize from the Director-General of the Agency for Cultural Affairs at the traditional Japanese handicrafts exhibition.

Sometimes it takes several months to make a piece that Hoseki is personally satisfied with.

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Hoseki Okuyama (Living National Treasure)

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