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白鳥路 Hakuchouro Swan Road

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Swan Road is an esplanade that features rich nature. It stretches 300m or so from Ishikawa-mon to Ote-bori in Kanazawa Castle Park.

It is also known as 'Forest Tunnel' or 'Green Tunnel' because lining both sides of the road are trees and flowers that flourish in various seasons, with many bronze statues among them.

Three of the statues feature Kanazawa's three great literary figures: Murou Saisei, Tokutomi Roka and Izumi Kyoka, and they are also stirring symbols of Kanazawa's esplanade.

There is a stream running near Swan Road and in old times there were moats around here, too. The moats were collectively known as Swan Moat, hence the name, Swan Road.

From early summer to the rainy season, flying fireflies create a beautiful sight.
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