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見帰りの滝 Mikaerino-taki Mikaeri Waterfall

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Mikaeri Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Saga Prefecture with a drop of 100m.  The main stream is called 'Man Waterfall' and the substream 'Woman Waterfall'. A priest at the nearby Johoji Temple named them so in the Genroku period. It has been known as a scenic place since that time and many writers have visited there.
   A clear stream runs and falls curving gently far above your head. Small substreams draw white lines on rocks around you; they give an elegance to the surrounding verdant nature.
   Situated beyond the waterfall is Mt. Sakurei, a holy mountain of the Shukendo sect; many people undergo spiritual training here.
   Mikaeri Waterfall has been selected as one of Japan's 100 Major Waterfalls and many sightseers visit it.  There is a suspension bridge at some distance which gives a good view of the waterfall.
   The district is also famous for hydrangeas and, from the beginning of June to July, you can enjoy these colorful flowers together with the beautiful waterfall; this is a very rare chance.
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