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弥彦神社 yahiko-jinjya yahiko Shrine

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At the foot of Yahiko mountain soaring high in the middle of the Chikugo plain in Niigata pref. stands the Yahiko(Iyahiko) Shrine. The grounds are covered by a dense grove of aged trees, such as cedars and Japanese cypresses. Though the exact year of construction is not known, the shrine is referenced in Manyoshu, an old poetic anthology dating back to 750 AD, so it certainly predates that time. The shrine is devoted to Ame no Kagoyama no Mikoto. Ordered by Emperor Jinmu (the legendary first emperor), Ame no Kagoyama no Mikoto taught the people of Echigo region of Niigata pref. various agricultural methods of fishing, salt making, rice farming, and sericulture amongst others, and contributed greatly to the development of the region. The shrine was once affectionately called Iyahiko-sama and flourished as a spiritual home of the mind and the soul for people in Echigo. In its museum, shrine treasures such as Shidano-Ootachi, a prominent long Japanese Katana and designated as an Important National Property, and armors that are said to have once belonged to Yoshiie Minamto and Yoshitsune Minamoto, both being legendary warriors from 12th century, are exhibited. The hall was rebuilt in 1961after being destroyed in a large fire.
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兵庫 多田神社 Hyougo tada-jinjya Tada Shrine

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Tada Shrine located in Kawanishi City, Hyogo Pref. is a nationally designated historic site. This is the motherland of the most powerful branch family of the Minamoto clan, Seiwa Genji, whose founding father is Emperor Seiwa (850-880). The shrine originates in a Tendai Sect temple built in 970 by Minamoto no Mitsunaka, who had lived in this area. Since then the temple had been the mausoleum of successive Minamoto warriors of Seiwa Genji including Yorimitsu, Yorinobu, Yoriyoshi, and Yoshiie. In every April, the grand festival of Genji Matsuri is held, in which the parade of Genji warriors goes through the town. The huge soapberry tree in the precinct is designated as a provincial monument by the prefecture. The tree has a trunk circumference of 4.2 m and is said to be the biggest soapberry tree in the prefecture.
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