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群馬 野反湖 Gunma Nozori-ko Lake Nozori

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Lake Nozori in Kuni Village in Gunma Prefecture is a dammed lake with an altitude of 1,550 m and a circumference of 12 km. Selected as one of Japan’s 100 Fine Dammed Lakes, it has a beautiful landscape that is comparable to natural lakes. The area around the lake is designated as a Special Zone of Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park and a Natural Recreation Forest.

The water of this lake empties into the Sea of Japan through the Shinano River. The place where the lake is located used to be a wetland, in which the power dam was constructed by Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.

From early summer through early fall, over 300 species of alpine plants including Nozori-kisuge (Hemerocallis middendorffi var. esculenta), Japanese azalea and fireweed can be seen around the lake. The best viewing spot of the lake is Nozori Pass. The view of the lake mirroring the images of autumn leaves and the clear blue sky is especially beautiful.

You can enjoy many activities including walking along the promenade around the lake, hiking in the vicinity and fishing. Camping sites and a lodge are provided on the northern side of the lake.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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