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竹生島 Chikubu-shima Chikubu Island

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Chikubu Island is in the northern part of Lake Biwa, in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture. The total area of the island is 0.14m2 and its highest part is 197m. It is designated a Great Scenic and Historical Place of the Nation.

Chikubu Island is located 2km south of Tsuzurao Cape. The whole island is covered with conifers and is said to be one of the 8 great views of Lake Biwa. The island also appears in Japanese Noh dance-drama, and is referred to in Japanese lute music, storytelling, and modern Japanese music.

Since olden times, the island has been worshipped and a god is said to live there. At the south end of the island, there are Chikubu Island Shrine, enshrining one of the three major Benten gods, and Hogoji Temple, the 30th spot of Saigoku 33. The lake around the island is deep, while the western side is the deepest part of Lake Biwa. Between the island and Tsuzurao Cape in the north, remains have been found on the lake bottom. Much earthenware is being pulled up from 70 meters down.

Chikubu Island is a traditional island with a long history and a myth.
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伊賀焼 Iga-yaki Iga Porcelain Ware

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Iga ware is a traditional porcelain craft from Marubashira, Iga, Mie Prefecture.

Iga developed as the production area of porcelain from the late Heian period. Iga ware became notable for the unique vessels created for the tea ceremony, which gained popularity from the late Muromachi period till the Momoyama period. Two governors of Iga, Teiji Tsutsumi and Takatora Fujido, were also masters of the tea ceremony, which explains why Iga ware reflects the tastes and thinking of the tea ceremonies of this area.

The noteworthy characteristics of Iga ware are its use of local clay. Because the Iga area once lay at the bottom of Lake Biwa, high-quality clay can now be extracted from the earth.

By working with the well-ordered forms of Iga ware, created from earth and fire, an unregulated style of beauty is born. Iga ware in its purity symbolizes the beauty of ceramics made and appreciated by the Japanese people.
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