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小高城 Odaka-jyo Odaka Castle

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Odaka Castle is a hirayama-style castle located in Odaka, Minami-soma, Fukushima Prefecture.

Due to the fact that the castle stood on the towhead of the Kodaka River, it was also named the Red Plum Mountain Floating Castle, and is also a natural fortress.

Odaka Castle was also the living quarters of the Soma clan but when this began is uncertain. In the 3rd year of the Genko era (1323), Shigetane Soma moved to Oota from Shimosanokuni, but later moved to Odaka Castle. In the 3rd year of the Kenbu era (1336), Mitsutane Soma refurbished the castle and the castle became the headquarters of the Soma clan. The clan held a powerful position inside the Northern Court during the Nanboku-cho period, and also fought bitterly against Masamune Date during the Sengoku period, and managed to survive.

Odaka Castle was abandoned during the 16th year of the Keicho Era (1611) when Toneshige Soma moved to a different castle. Currently Odaka Shrine stands where the castle keep used to be, and the Soma Wild Horse Chase Festival is a sight to see.

Odaka Castle looks no more like it used to, but it is an important castle with a place in history over many generations.
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