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ナイオロップの滝 Naioroppu-no-taki The Naioroppu Waterfall

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The Naioroppu Waterfall with a width of 1 m and a height of 30 m is in the stream of the Jusen River, a tributary river of the Teshio River in Nisshin, Nayoro City, Hokkaido. The name “Naioroppu” come from “Nayoroputo”, which means “a river mouth” in Ainu. The city name of “Nayoro” also originates in this word. As the tributary Nayoro River flows into the main stream of the Teshio River in the city, it was named “Nayoro.” At the Naioroppu Waterfall, water flows down the drop of 30 m, changing the directions according to the stepped rocks. It increases in the volume of water in May and June, which makes the waterfall look more dynamic, but it usually flows down calmly. In summer a lot of people visit to seek for coolness. The Naioroppu waterfall is a beautiful waterfall, which makes us sense Japanese elements
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オーロラ Orora Aurora

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Magnetic storms break out from explosions on the surface of the Sun, and protons or electrons strike against the ionosphere of the earth to emit light; this phenomenon is  known as aurora, named from the goddess Aurora in  Roman mythology.
Aurora are most often seen in the high-latitude regions of the Earth, such as Northern Europe and the North or South Poles. The aurora observed in other regions is called mid-latitude aurora.
You can see mid-latitude aurora even in Japan.  In the town of Nayori in Hokkaido, aurora have been observed many times, and Kihara Observatory succeeded in photographing it; the photographappears on theirwebsite.
When aurora colors the sky and streets of Nayori a light vermilion. , it creates afantastic scenery.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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