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阿波井神社 Awai-Jinja Awai Shrine

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Awai Shrine is located in Douura near Seto in Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture. More precisely, it is located on Shimada Island, which is on the opposite shore.

Amenofutotama, the god of the Tenson tribe, and Oogetsuhime, the god of the former inhabitants, are enshrined here at Awai. It is not known when the shrine was founded.

Awai Shrine used to be situated in Kosekidani, but the Miyoshi clan transferred it to the present place, where it then became a place of veneration for the Hachisuka clan. In ancient times it was common for the god of former inhabitants to be adopted by the new rulers. This is the case with Awai Shrine.

Kosekisani used to be called Awai and it is said that it was a mausoleum for Awanooshinoatae. In 2006, it was designated as one of Japan's 100 historic cultural assets related to fishery.
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