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美郷ホタル Misato-hotaru The Misato Firefly

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Misato Firefly is the general term for the fireflies around Misato Yoshinogawa, in Tokushima Prefecture.

Not only these fireflies, but the whole district of Misato have been designated as a National Natural Treasure. Five kinds of firefly have been confirmed as native to this area, including the Genji Firefly (both sexes of which give off a strong light) and the Heike Firefly (which develops in larval form underwater).

When the Japanese think of a firefly, they first imagine the Genji Firefly, most representative of Japanese fireflies.

Fireflies have often appeared as a subject for haiku poems, songs and idioms.  The sight of fireflies is still an image of spring.

The imagoes of fireflies show up in Misato from the end of May to the end of June and fly in groups casting light around the river at night. At the best time, numerous males synchronise their flashes, making an extraordinary view.
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