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天狗塚 Tenguzuka Tenguzuka Mountain

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Tenguzuka is a mountain that is 1812m above sea level and is located in Miyoshi, Tokushima Prefecture. The mountain rises between the Ushinose and the Tengu mountain path (a.k.a. Izari path). It is counted as one of the 88 scenes of Tokushima, selected by the Tokushima Tourist Association and the Tokushima Shimbun Press.

On the slopes of the mountain can be seen panoramic views of azalea, broadleaf forests of 'dakekannba' trees, and coniferous forests of 'urajiromomi' trees, with no large trees blocking the view.

Other views include the mountain ridge called Ushinose, which is close to the top of the mountain and provides one of the best views. From here, a green carpet can be observed as far as the eye can see. Therefore, it is called the 'Japanese garden above the clouds'.

There is also a fine view from the top of the mountain. From here, you can see other 1500-m-high mountains of Shikoku, such as Mount Miune. When the weather is clear, it is possible to see Mount Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in Shikoku, and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

Tenguzuka is a mountain where you can observe many beautiful scenes.
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