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首切地蔵尊 Kubikiri-jizou-son Kubikiri Jizo-son (Chop-Neck Jizo)

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The fugitives of Heike (the Taira clan), who were defeated in the battle of the Uji River and driven into the mountains, died a violent death in present-day Tanba City in 1184. Feeling sorry for them, the villagers erected several stones and placed flowers in front of them to pray for the repose of their souls. By and by the stones became famous as Jizo statues, which have the power to fulfill people’s wishes. 3 statues of Jizo with no heads stand side by side on the stone steps and 7 in the small hall. Those statues are known for fulfilling the wishes concerning the head such as academic accomplishment, prevention of becoming forgetful with age, and recovery from illness. A lot of students taking an entrance examination to a university come to pray for these Jizo statues during the season of the entrance exams. On the days of Jizo Festivals held in March and September every year, a lot of visitors come to the mountain, which is also known as a nice place for hiking.
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弘誓寺 Guzei-ji Guzeiji Temple

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Guzeiji Temple, or generally called “Udo Kannon,” was established by the Indian monk Hodo Sennin (the immortal Taoist) in a mountain village of Udo some time during the Taika era (645-650) in the Asuka period. In the ancient times the temple was so prosperous that there were many temple buildings collectively called “Makigamine Sengenbo (1,000 Sobo or living quarters of Buddhist priests in Mt. Makigamine).” However, as the Heike forces, who were defeated in the Genpei Wars, took a refuge in this mountain, all the buildings were burned down by the attack of Genji forces in 1182. As the main object of worship, the image of Sho Kannon was hidden in the nearby waterfall to escape fire during this battle, the temple has been called “Seiryu-san Guzeiji (Guzeiji in the clear mountain stream).” The image of Sho Kannon is believed to have the power to cure diseases, and a lot of local people attend the prayer service held every morning.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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