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三千院 Sanzen-in Sanzen Temple

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Sanzen Temple, located in the Ohara Sakyo ward, Kyoto city, is the temple of the Tendai sect. Its central buddha statue is Yakushi-nyorai.

It is one of the three major Tendai sect temples along with Shoren Temple and Myoho Temple. In the seventh year of Enryaku period, 788, when Saicho set out to Enryaku Temple in Mt,Hiei, he established 'Enyu-bou' at Toto-nanya in Mt.Hiei, which had the statue of Yakushi-nyorai; this is the origin of the Sanzen Temple.

It is also called 'Nashimoto-mon-ato' because there are big pear trees called nashi near Enyu-bo. It also has other names, 'Entoku-temple', 'Kajii-mon ato', 'Kajii-gosho' and 'Kajii-gu'.

The name Sanzen Temple started being used after the main temple of Sanzen moved to Ohara in 1871. At that time, Amida-dou-ojou-Gokuraku Temple was brought into the Sanzen Temple.

It also has a national treasure, Amida-sanzou statue.
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