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鳳来寺山 Houraiji-san Mt Horaiji

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Mt Horaiji, located in Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture, was formed by lava 20 to 15 million years ago. The mountain consists of dacite, pitchstone and so on.
Mt Horaiji is located on the southern edge of dormant volcanos in Okumikawa. Horaiji Temple and Toshogu Shrine stand as venerated sites on the slopes of the mountain. Moreover, religious relics such as an old mirror have been found here.
The main building of Horaiji was burnt many times and in Showa 49, the present building was completed. Toshogu Shrine is associated with the Tokugawa family and the third general, Iemitsu, built it for his father, Ieyasu. You have to climb 1425 stone steps to visit the shrine.
For each of the four seasons, Mt Horaiji has a highlight. It is famous as a good place to enjoy the red leaves of autumn and, in November, a Maple Festival is held here to which many people come.
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