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Iroe-jiki is a special type of porcelain decorated with a polychrome overglaze in such colors as red, green and yellow. It is also known as Akae or Nishikide. Iroe-jiki porcelain can be broadly classified into three styles; Ironabeshima, Kokutani and Kakiemon, according to its production year and style.  Kakiemon is a famous family kiln or furnace, with a long lineage from the Edo period. As an important intangible cultural property, the art of Iroe-jiki making is well reverent in Japan. Sakaida Kakiemon XIV (1934~), a master a Iroe-jiki techniques, was designated in 2001 as a Living National Treasure for this art. Milk-white foundation and bright colorful decoration are characteristics of the Kakiemon style. His drawing style is to apply decoration only sparsely. This emphasizes the milk-white porcelain background to produce a feel of elegance and grace. “It is very important to leave some area blank. You have to balance the drawing without losing beauty of white”, Mr. Kakiemon once said. He, to the date, continues to devote himself in this traditional art to and explore further to sheer perfection and beauty.

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