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井倉峡 Ikurakyo Ikura Valley

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The Takahashi River flows through the karst landscape of Atetsu Plateau, and has carved out the V-shaped Ikura Valley. It is a beautiful and dynamic valley, designated as a Natural Monument of Okayama Prefecture.

One of the three major limestone caves of Japan, and also a designated Natural Monument of Okayama Prefecture, Ikura Cave opens on to a limestone bluff some 1,200m long and 240m high. Inside the cave, the earth's presence can be felt from the three waterfalls, made by nature over hundreds of millions of years.

The Ikura Valley has always attracted people, ever since the Takase boat went back and forth among the bizarre rocks and subtle valleys. On visiting the Ikura Valley in 1929, Akiko Yosana composed the tanka: 'The bluff gazes up into the sky with such dignity, even the maple leaves get frightened'.
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