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新発田城 Shibata-jyou Shibata Castle

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Shibata-jyou is a castle located in Shibata, Niigata prefecture. The castle, also called Ayame-jyou, is the only Edo-period style castle in Niigata prefecture. In 1596, Hidekatsu Mizoguchi began construction of Shibata-jyou, which was completed by his grandson, Nobunao. For about 270 years, it was the seat of the Mizoguchi daimyo – a feudal lord. Shibata-jyou differs from other Japanese castles in that it is located on a plain rather than a hill, for reasons of commerce and governance. The castle is built using a construction system known as “kirikomihagi", in which stone bricks are elaborately laid to look sophisticated. It also varies from other castle in that its ramparts are made up in a peculiar style called "namakokabe". In front of the castle, facing Edo stands the bronze statue of Yasube Horibe, who was related to the Mizoguchi feudatory
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