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王子が岳 Oujigadake Mt Ojigadake

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From Mt Ojigadake overlooking Shibukawa Beach, the whole Seto Inland Sea can be seen. The 231m-high peak also has dynamic views of massive rocks and their formations, of islands, and of the Seto Ohashi Bridge, as well as of the mountain ranges of Shikoku on the opposite shore.

The name Ojigadake comes from a story that long ago, the queen of Baekje bore a son (prince) in Karakoto-no-Ura (today's Ushimado town). Ojigadake is part of the Setonaikai National Park and features some peculiar but entertaining rocks such as 'poppa stone', 'smiley stone' and 'sheep stone'; nature's artistry can be enjoyed.

A path up the mountain is just right for hiking. On the western side of the peak is a picnic site with trees including flowering cherry, azalea, as well as bracken, and the beauty of the changing seasons can be appreciated. There is also a launch point for paragliding, and the mountain proves a popular place for sky sports.
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