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煎茶道 Sencha-dou Senchadou

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Senchadou is one kind of sadou or tea ceremony. While sadou uses maccha tea powder, in senchadou hot water is poured into a teapot containing tea leaves such as sencha and gyokuro.  Senchadou is a sadou only in the broad sense. In general, it is considered to be different from a sadou.
It is believed that Senchadou was started by Ingen Ryuuki, who founded Oubaku-shu, a sect of Zen Buddhism in the beginning of the Edo period.
While sadou was becoming more formalized, critics who considered sadou’s formalization pretentious, turned their eyes on senchadou which was the newest trend in Chinese culture at the time and therefore unfettered from Japanese formality. Among people who love good taste, passing time talking and drinking sencha in a relaxed setting became rapidly popular. By the middle of the Edo period, senchadou took a turn away from Chinese culture and more toward Japanese. Its popularity spread from Edo and Kyoto to other parts of Japan.  
In 1959, All-Japan Senchadou Association was established. There are now many different schools existing.
In addition to  Shuushou-ha, which was born during the Edo period, 39 schools in total have joined the association.
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