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首里織 Syuriori Shuri-Ori Textiles

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Shuri-ori is one of the foremost textiles of Okinawa, woven in a variety of styles from figured textiles to kasuri-ikat.
   Shuri-ori adopted the kasuri-ikat techniques from the south, and the figured textile techniques from China. Women of the nobility and the warrior class wore it to show rank. Shuri, where the government of the Ryukyu Kingdom was situated, was an appropriate place for the center of politics and culture.
   In Shuri, many varieties of dyed fabrics were developed using elegant and sophisticated colors and patterns. This development was intimately linked with overseas trade. Weaving techniques and materials from abroad showed unique texture, such as shuri hana-ori, routon-ori, hanakura-ori and shuri-kasuri.
   Shuri-ori is colored with vegetable dyes. It uses Ryukyu indigo, croton and fukugi. It is an elegant textile dyed in many colors, and worn by the warrior class of Shuri
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