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土湯杉 Tsuchiu-sugi Tsuchiyu Cedars

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The Tsuchiyu Cedars are a heavy growth of big trees, located in Tozawa Village, Mogami County, Yamagata prefecture.

The group of trees is to the left of Mogami Canyon. The district has been designated as Yamagata Natural Park and the hiking course is popular.

The Tsuchiyu Cedars are more than 1000 years old and are dotted around the district. The biggest cedar is 17.5m in circumference and 30m tall.

The district is called 'Fantastic Forest'. Mogami river, one of Japan's three major rapid rivers, runs through this district and the rich water is a source of life in the forest.

In winter, all the trees are covered with snow and the view from a boat is splendid. In spring, the blooming of the lily japonica warms your heart.
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黒石城 Kuroishi-jo Kuroishi Castle

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In 1646, Tsugaru Hideyoshi, a younger brother of the Hirosaki clan head, Nobuyoshi, was given about 5,000,000m2 of land to build a mansion, which is the origin of Kuroishi Castle. It was a magnificent castle on a flatland, and is otherwise known as Crow Castle.

The 8th clan head, Chikatari, was given about 6,000,000m2 of land by the So clan in 1809. Therefore, the Tsugaru clan received some 10,000,000m2 land in all and became feudal lords and established a clan. In the fourth year of the Meiji period, because of the abolition of clans and the establishment of prefectures, the mansion was opened to the public. The Tsugaru family then presented the residence to Kuroishi Town and it was used as the Kuroishi Elementary School. Today it forms Mikyuki Park.

Most of the park is open, but there exist some remains of small clay walls across the moats in the south, which remind you of former times.
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白鳥路 Hakuchouro Swan Road

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Swan Road is an esplanade that features rich nature. It stretches 300m or so from Ishikawa-mon to Ote-bori in Kanazawa Castle Park.

It is also known as 'Forest Tunnel' or 'Green Tunnel' because lining both sides of the road are trees and flowers that flourish in various seasons, with many bronze statues among them.

Three of the statues feature Kanazawa's three great literary figures: Murou Saisei, Tokutomi Roka and Izumi Kyoka, and they are also stirring symbols of Kanazawa's esplanade.

There is a stream running near Swan Road and in old times there were moats around here, too. The moats were collectively known as Swan Moat, hence the name, Swan Road.

From early summer to the rainy season, flying fireflies create a beautiful sight.
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源流の森 Genryuuno-mori Headwaters' Forest

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Headwaters' Forest (Genryu no Mori) was established for nature protection and human interaction and is located in Nishiokitama, Yamagata prefecture. The mountain area around Gosai, Iide and Asahi was designated as the Headwaters' Forest area and the district is supposed to be a forested arcadia of the 21st century.

'Let's go to a forest!'

You can feel soft sunshine, pure air and fresh wind on an adventure experience here. You can also make some original artwork by trying your hand wooden handicrafts, ceramics and sculpture in the Forest Studio. The studio is part of the Forest School, where parents and children can participate in 'studies' and stay overnight. You don't have to be parents or children to join in some of the other programs.

Headwaters' Forest is a place to 'interpret' nature and aspects of traditional Japanese culture.
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