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実性院 Jissyou-in Jisshoin Temple

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Jisshoin Temple is located in Kaga City, Ishikawa Pref. This Soto-shu temple is the family temple of Maeda clan, the domain lord of Kaga Province. There are graves of the 14 generations of Maeda clan. It originates in a small hermitage built by Ichimasa Tamai, a retainer who served for Toshiharu Maeda, the 1st generation lord, to invite Tsugai Gitetsu, a great Buddhist priest, from Kanazawa in 1641. After Gitetsu’s death, Ichimasa asked Priest Tenchu Kyoho, Gitetsu’s disciple, to be the head of the hermitage and establish a temple. The temple was named Soeiji temple after Ichimasa’s father’s Buddhist name. In 1660, when Lord Toshiharu died, his funeral was held at this temple. After that, the Buddhist name of Toshiharu was given to the temple and it changed the name to Jisshoin Temple. Since then it had been the family temple of Maeda clan. The vicinity of the temple is called “Yama-no-shita Jiin-gun (a group of temples at the foot of the mountain),” where there are 7 temples and 1 shrine. It is said that Maeda clan intentionally arranged temples and shrines in one area to protect the castle town from their enemies.

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29 Daishoji-shitayashiki-machi, Kaga Ishikawa Prefecture, 922-0841
Jisshoin Temple

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