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秋篠寺 Akishino-dera Akishino-dera Temple

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Akishino–dera Temple is an independent temple located in Nara. The temple was founded by the priest Zenshu at the request of the Emperor Kounin during the Nara period. The principal image of Buddha at the temple is Yakushinyorai. Most of the buildings were destroyed by a large fire in 1135. The current main hall stands on the site of the original lecture hall. Although it was reconstructed during the Kamakura period, the temple retains the original character of the traditional Nara architecture style.  Some examples of this style include the Yosemune-zukuri and the Hongawarabuki tile roof. The main hall is designated as a National Treasure and Yakushi-sansonzou, Gigeiten-ritsuzou and the wooden Daigensumyououryuzou are recognized as Important Cultural Properties. Gigeiten-ritsuzou is a famous deity representing art and performance, so many artists and performers often visit to pray for improvement of their skills and professional success. Surrounded by green forest, the temple is a tranquil place and the moss garden that connects the entrance path to the temple is particularly beautiful.
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