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唐人駄場 Toujindaba Tojin Daba

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Tojin Daba is the excavation site where pieces of stoneware and earthen ware of the early Jomon to the Yayoi periods (about 7,000 years ago) have been dug out. The number of excavated items is said to be the largest in the Shikoku region. The research on the group of huge stones placed around the site, which is presumed to be the remains of a stone circle, has been carried out now. There is another group of huge stones 200 m up the mountainside. This pile of huge stones is called Tojin-ishi, under which many ruins of Jomon people’s dwellings were discovered. The word “tojin” normally means “a Chinese” in the Japanese language, but “tojin” in “Tojin Daba” is said to refer to “an alien” or “a god.” The word “daba” means “a flat mountain top.” Who built for what purpose is unknown, but the place is filled with some mysterious atmosphere.
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