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丹後ちりめん Tangochirimen Tango Crepe

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Tango crepe ('chirimen') is a white fabric that features a special crimping method called 'shibo', made by twisting the threads over a thousand times. It is manufactured on the Tango peninsula on the northern coast of Kyoto prefecture.
   The 'shibo' fold is made by wrinkling the cloth over 3,000 times. In tango crepe, the fold is crucial: firstly, it subdues the brightness of the silk and adds warmth; secondly, it gives a willowy touch, a result of the damp climate of the area; finally, it creates a fantastically white fabric that responds well to dyeing.
   Tango crepe is a luxury article due to the high quality of material used and for the precision of its technique. It has a great reputation as a top-quality silk fabric.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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