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金蓮寺 弥陀堂 Konren-ji Mida-dou The Mida Hall at Konrenji Temple

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The Mida Hall at Konrenji Temple in Kira Town is the oldest existing wooden structure in Aichi Prefecture. One theory states that it was one of the seven holy halls in Mikawa province (present-day Aichi Prefecture), which were constructed by Adachi Morinaga, the 1st provincial governor, under the order of Minamoto no Yoritomo in 1186.

Actually the architectural styles of the Kamakura period (1192-1333) can be seen in every part of the building; however, several aspects of the building indicate that it was constructed in the late Kamakura period. One of them is that every corner of a pillar is chamfered at 45 degrees. Wide chamfers are associated with buildings dating back to the Kamakura to Muromachi periods. Its beauty created by simplicity rather than by gorgeousness is typical to the Kamakura architectural style.

Several repair works have been given and it is now preserved in its original form. It was designated as a National Treasure in March, 1955.

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1 Hichidogairi, Aiba, Kira-cho, Hazu-gun, Aichi Prefecture 444-0523
The Mida Hall at Konrenji Temple

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