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三上山 Mikami-yama Mt. Mikami

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Mt. Mikami is a beautiful mountain located in Nosu City to the south of Lake Biwa (Shiga Pref.). With an altitude of 432 m, it is not a very high mountain but completely independent from other mountains, forming a clear circular cone. It is called “Ohmi Fuji” from its gentle ridgeline. The Okumiya (back shrine) of Mikami Shrine at the foot is placed at the top of this mountain and the mountain itself is considered a holy place where a god resides. It has another name of “Mukade-yama (centipede mountain),” which comes from the legend that the warrior, Tota Tawara used bow and arrows and fought off the giant centipede with a length that went around the mountain seven times and a half. As the mountain can be seen not only from the south side of the lake but also from the north side, it is a good landmark for the people sailing on the lake. It is also known as the good spot for seeing the New Year’s first sunrise and mushroom-gathering from the late September through the early November.

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Mikami, Yasu, Shiga Prefecture, 520-2323
Mt. Mikami

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