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ヒサゴ沼 Hisago-numa Hisago Pond

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Hisagonuma Pond is located about 3 km down from Mt. Tomuraushi, which is to the south of lofty Taisetsu Mountains in the central Hokkaido. The pond, which is plentiful in water, is the place of relaxation for the climbers of both Mt. Tomuraushi and Mt. Kaundake in the vicinity. The name “Hisago” meaning hyotan (a gourd) in ancient Japanese may have come from the shape of the pond. As it is close to Tomuraushi, which means “a place with plenty of flowers” in Ainu, the area around the pond is blessed with a variety of alpine plants. Flowers of various colors bloom all together in spring and summer. Seen from a nearby hill, the pond with blue water and surrounding green forest provides you with an exquisite view. Touched by the breath of the sacred mountain, you will have a really relaxing time by this pond. The mountains, which you have just come down, are covered with mist. In that clear air, the surface of the pond looks as smooth as a mirror. And the numerous colorful flowers all around you. Standing in such a wonderful landscape, you will never cast your eyes aside, even if you are whispered, “Hyotan Kara Koma,” literally “a horse from a gourd.”

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Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 081-0001
Hisago Pond

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