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石のモザイク Ishi-no-mozaiku Designs in Stone

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Stones are very different from each other: big stones or small ones; stones left around that no one would look at; or stones that attract you and make you want to hold them.

Stones are the symbols that show each culture. In Italy, there are many buildings made of stones laid one on top of the other. There are no earthquakes in Italy and its history is that of a country that readily builds in stone.

In Japan, stones are used to lay the foundations for castles. Moreover, some roads made of 'stone-tatami' have been selected as some of the Major 100 Roads of Japan. Our ancestors' wisdom produced strong roads that protected the people's feet.

But is the purpose of using stones only for that? If you have a closer look at the roads, there are different stone-patterns, such as combinations of irregular sides, regular squares and round stones. The patterns give you a feeling of artistry rather than practicality. Such stone art, like mosaics, show one side of the Japanese sense of fun.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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