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立神岩 鹿児島 Tategami-iwa Kagoshima Tategami Rock in Kagoshima

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Tategami (Standing God) Rock is a huge rock with a height of 42 m located about 300 in the offing of Makurazaki Port in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is a landmark of Makurazaki Coast. From its mysterious shape, it is thought to be the guardian god of the port who brings bumper catch and navigation safety.

There is an interesting legend about Tategami Rock and Mt. Akabo, which rises opposite the rock. Once upon a time, the gods living in Tategami Rock and Mt. Akabo had a fight with each other and the god of Mt. Akabo threw an ax at the god of Tategami Rock, who got raged and breathed fire; hereby the rock took such a sheer shape and the mountain took on burning red color. From this legend, Tategami Rock is also worshipped as the god of fire and Tategami became the place name. At present, both gods sit quietly in their places and guard the city of Makurazaki.
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