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桂樹舎 Keijusha Keijusha Paper Mill

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From the Genroku Era of the Edo period, high-quality 'washi' papermaking flourished in Ecchu Yao, where clear spring water bubbles up from the foot of the mountains. Yao washi was durable and elastic, becoming the paper of choice for packaging medicine and ointment by doctors. Even now, the paper is used in many areas, with processed goods including wallets and bags.

Keijusha paper mill has protected the traditions of Yao washi over many years. Inside the mill is a small washi museum called 'Washi Library', which introduces paper not only from Japan, but all over the world as objects of craftwork. The museum's four sections exhibit papyrus from 1000 B.C., paper-production methods, old hand-copied Japanese sutras, late-Edo period daily commodities made from washi, on so on.

The actual paper mill is built right next to the museum, where visitors can watch and take part in making washi.
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徐福長寿館 Jofuku-choujukan Jofuku Museum of Longevity

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It is said that about 2,200 years ago, a man called Jofuku along with 300 fine young men came to the Saga area in search of an elixir of immortality, by order of the first Qin emperor of China. The Jofuku-Museum of Longevity is a reference museum associated with the Jofuku legend that exhibits information on health and longevity. In the premises lie30,000 hectares of botanic garden with plants grown for medical purposes. There, about 500 types of plants, for example Furofuki are grown. In addition, the museum includes an information center on the origin of names of towns. For example, there is information on Chifu in the Saga district and Bubai in the Modoromi district. Also, on Sundays, there are lectures on flowers and nature.
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Results 1 - 2 of 2 articles          
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