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本覚寺 Hongakuji Hongakuji Temple

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Hongakuji Temple is located at the foot of the Oka-no-Yume Farm in Toyama Prefecture and was the clan temple of Jimbo, the lord of Tomizaki Castle.

The temple was built in the Heian period by Myouun, a monk of the Tendai school of Mahayana Buddhism. It is said that it was founded when Myouun built a temple in Hidanokuni (today's Gifu Prefecture) in 1343 and named it Hongakuji. Myouun, who was also the 7th chief priest of Hongakuji, visited and emigrated to Etchu (today's Fuchu-machi-fukuro) after the temple was razed by soldiers.

In Etchu, Myouun gained the devotion and allegiance of Jimbo, the lord of Tomizaki Castle, and rebuilt the temple at its current site. Many ancient writings of the last legitimate child and heir of the Jimbo clan, Jimbo Nagamoto (defeated and killed by Oda Nobunaga), are preserved at the temple as well.

At one point in its history, it was said that the bell at the temple had a better sound than that of Toyama Castle, which infuriated Sassa Narimasa (a general during the Warring States Period), who then proceeded to burn the inside of the bell with sand to dampen its exquisite sound. Despite the mishap, the bell was designated as a tangible cultural property of Toyama.

The temple's bronze statues and statues of Youryu-Kannon are authorized as important art objects of Japan, and are also very spectacular.

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5153 Tomisaki, Fuchu-machi, Toyama Prefecture, 939-2621
Hongakuji Temple

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