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奥尻島 Okushiri-tou Okushiri Island

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Okushiri Island is Japan’s westernmost island and the second largest island in Hokkaido. The name “Okushiri” comes from an Ainu word “iku-shir,” which means “the island beyond.” The whole island is formed of the terraced granite hills, in which rivers flow down to create a lot of waterfalls. According to Tsushima Current, there is not very large temperature variation all through the year.

The island is blessed with bountiful nature including fine beaches and oddly-shaped rocks. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset from anywhere on the island. As there used to be a sulfur mine on the island, a lot of hot springs gush out on the island. Mt. Kamui, the highest mountain on the island, is 584 m above sea level.

Okushiri Island is known as the treasure trove of sea resources. Many kinds of fish and shellfish including sea urchin, abalone and cuttlefish are caught in the ocean around the island.

Although the island was seriously damaged by the Hokkaido-Nanseioki Earthquake in 1993, it was completely reconstructed.
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