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陸奥湾 Mutsuwan Mutsu Bay

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The Mutsu Bay is enclosed by Shimokita Peninsula, Natsudomari Peninsula and Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori Pref.. This scenic coastline is full of varied scenes. Natsudomari Peninsula with an altitude of 200 to 300 m, which crops out into the Mutsu Bay, is a part of Asamushi-Natsudomari Prefectural Natural Park and the tip of Shimokita Peninsula is designated as Shimokita Peninsula Quasi-National Park. Asadokoro Beach in Natsudomari Peninsula is known for the place where swans spend their winter days. The steep mountainsides are eroded by the sea and form the bluff in the west part of Shimokita Peninsula, where natural forest of Acer pictum and linden trees covers its coastline. At the base of Natsudomari Peninsula lies Asamushi Hot Spring town. There are also an aquarium and other facilities in the town of Asamushi. Mutsu Bay is known as the birthplace of Japan’s large-scale scallop fry harvesting.

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Aomori Prefecture

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