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山寺 根本中堂 Yamadera konpontyuudou Yamadera Main Hall

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The Yamadera Main Hall (Konpon Chudo) is located at the base of the Yamadera temple complex in Yamagata prefecture. The Main Hall is designated as an Important National Cultural Property, and is the only religious school in the Tohoku area. It is also the oldest architecture in Japan that was made using beech wood.

Yamadera is a branch temple of Enryaku-ji on Hieizan in Kyoto and was established by the priest Jikaku in 860. The official name of the temple is Mount Houshu Ryūshaku-ji.

Yamadera is famous for Matsuo Bashō's haiku.

Such stillness
The cries of the cicadas
Sink into the rocks

Within the hall are several statues, including an 800-year-old wooden statue of Bhaisajyaguru (Yakushi Nyorai), said to have been carved by the priest Jikaku. The hall is very large. Because it was built on the mountainside, visitors must climb over 1000 stone steps. Maybe it is better to say mountaineering than sightseeing.

There is much for the visitor to see here, including the Buddha halls, a bronze statue of Bashō, a sacred flame, and a rare Japanese antelope called serow. It is a place where the grandeur of history and nature can be enjoyed together.
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Results 1 - 1 of 1 articles          
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