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サロマ湖 Saromako Saroma Lake

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Saroma Lake is located in Abashiri National Park in northeast Hokkaido . In area, it is about 152 square meters, making it one of the three biggest lakes in Japan.
It is very close to the Okhotsk Sea, but separated by  the Wakka Peninsula, along, thin sand bar, about 20 kilometers long and only 2~700 meters across.
Wakka wild flower garden is located on the eastern side of the peninsula. It is designated as a Hokkaido Treasure and has forests, grassland and more than 300 kinds of flowers including non-native ones. It is a wonderful place forwild birds and, in late November, thousands of swans fly here.
At certain points sea water enters the lake to mix with the water there. In addition to swamp vegetation, variousbenthos organisms live in the lake such as a kind ofkelp called Amamo, as well as scallops, Hokkai shrimps and oysters.
The unique and beautiful blue surface of the lake is called ‘Saroman Blue’. The evening sun seen from the lakeside in Sakaeura is beautiful.
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